INSAM Journal, Issue 8

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INSAM Journal of Contemporary Music, Art and Technology, Issue 8, 2022


Main Theme of the Issue: Fighting for the Attention: Music and Art on Social Media


ISSN 2637 – 1898
On the cover: Tiamat by Kim Diaz Holm

Design and layout: Milan Šuput, Bojana Radovanović





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1. INSAM Journal 8, rules off



MAIN THEME: music, art and mental health in the time of global crisis


Hide to Show: ‘Memefying’ Live Music


Pascal Gielen and Thomas R. Moore

2. INSAM Journal 8, Gielen and Moore



Treating Audio Manipulation Effects like Photoshop: Exploring the Negative Impacts of a Lack of Transparency
in Contemporary Vocal Music on Young Learners


Taran Harris

3. INSAM Journal 8, Harris



How Black Creators Stopped The Clock on TikTok


Yvonne Ile

4. INSAM Journal 8, Ile



Composing Social Media. The Representation of the Physicality-Virtuality Continuum in Óscar Escudero and Belenish Moreno-Gil’s Works


Ferran Planas Pla

5. INSAM Journal 8, Planas Pla



Fighting for Attention Through Rap Music: Shock-Value, Racial Play and Web Culture in the Persona of Tyler, The Creator


Gustavo Souza Marques

6. INSAM Journal 6, Marques



Visual Music: K-Pop’s ‘CAWMAN’ Effect on a Transnational Music Subculture


Elina Luise Haessler

7. INSAM Journal 8, Haessler



Inside out: Ogled iz umetnosti mimova i mimovanja umetnosti


Ana Knežević






Oštra slika ljudskog stanja u niskoj rezoluciji


Milica Grujić

9. INSAM Journal 8, Grujić