Perspectives on Virtual Museum Tours



Milena Jokanović

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy Seminar for Museology and Heritology, Art History Department Beograd, Serbia

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INSAM Journal of Contemporary Music, Art and Technology, Issue 5, 2020

Main Theme of the Issue: Art, Music and Technology in the Time of Global Crisis

Publisher: INSAM Institute for Contemporary Artistic Music, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Abstract: As a number of world museums have closed their doors for the public due to pandemic of the new Corona virus, curators are thinking of alternative ways of audience outreach: 3D virtual galleries are increasingly created, video guided tours shared, digitized collections put online. The new circumstances unquestionably bring potentials for growth, but carry numer­ous risks and inconsideration, as well. Many theoreticians argue that the cri­sis of this scale will undoubtedly fasten the digital transformation in muse­um and arts sector and consequently, in a much more wide sense influence the identity rethinking. However, the research of audience interest to virtual museum tours show there was a peak of just 3 days visiting these, massively followed by a fast decrease even the social isolation was globally still present and museum buildings still locked. Turning back to the genesis of the virtual museums, in the following paper, we will question why there is no interest to virtual museum content. Do tours answer the needs of the contemporary digital-born audience? Do these represent just a copy of settings from phys­ical galleries or use potentials and logic of the new spaces? Will museums finally transform and enter into so many times nowadays mentioned digital shift answering the need of the new, transmedia perception of audience?

Keywords: virtual museum, pandemic, transmedia perception, technology, digital shift


4. INSAM Journal 5, Milena Jokanović


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